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Christian Andre Designer Coffee

32.00 Ounces
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The Christian Andre Designer Coffee program was created for those who have very specific taste or simply want a uniqe coffee experience.  Our Designer Coffee program allows you to select what you like in your coffee. Once you have designed your coffee, we will roast 3 samples and ship them for your approval.  When your coffee has been selected, you will receive four 8oz sealed bags with your name on each bag designating your custom roast.   

How to design your coffee:

1. Select The Roast Profile

2. Select "One" Flavor Profile Characteristic 

3. (Optional) Select additional flavor characteristics 

4. Select Body: Full Body (Smooth - Flavor will Linger), Medium Body (Smooth & Bright), Light (Light Body or Higher Acidity Coffees are Brighter in Flavor)

5. (Optional) Select a second Roast Profile if choosing a blend


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