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Safari - Ethiopian Harrar

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Coffee:  Safari


Single Origin or Blend: Single Origin


Origin(s):  Ethiopian Harrar


Varietal:  Heirloom


Altitude: 1800M


Process:  Natural


Roast Profile:  Medium Dark


Tasting Notes: Rich notes of blueberry and dark chocolate, medium-full bodied with a wine like finish



Suggested Brewing Methods:  Very nice in a french press or pour over

Safari - Ethiopian Harrar Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

You have to try it!

Posted by DA on 23rd Sep 2017

Wonderful, full flavor! Extraordinary coffee!

Not usually a coffee drinker

Posted by Emily Villa de Rey on 23rd Sep 2017

I'm not usually a coffee drinker, but I like this Ethiopian Harrar. It is bold while not being too bitter. My go to coffee when I need a pick me up.

Great Coffee!

Posted by Lulu L on 23rd Sep 2017

Has a great aroma and flavor. Best way to start the day!

Ancient and Unmatched!

Posted by Bliss on 8th Apr 2014

Having traveled to many exciting and exotic places in the world, I have come to know what my palate likes when it comes to coffee. Though great coffee exists from many different regions, my favorite comes from my many experiences in the Middle East… especially Israel. It’s there that I have to say I have experienced what is to me the best of all coffees. I learned that the coffee I grew to love was from a region in Northern Africa, specifically Ethiopia. That region is called Harar in the eastern part of Ethiopia. I have never really been able to duplicate that taste here in the US. I’ve had the great coffees of Seattle, but I’ve never had that taste that was as good on the front of the tongue as it was on the back. A coffee that has no bitterness and, as the coffee grows cold in the cup, it never loses it’s flavor, smoothness or robustness. When Chris told me he had Ethiopian Harar, I was a bit skeptical, but when I tried it I was floored and excited at the same time! I didn’t have to wait till my next trip to Israel, but could wake up each morning to that flavor I knew so well. Chris’ roasting process doesn’t cover but enhance the richness of the beans already high and extremely complex natural flavor. I am now a hug fan and advocate of ChristianAndre coffees. Whether you want it as is, or dark roasted, you will never, and I mean never go wrong with a bean that is the prize of Ethiopia. Try it… I don’t think you’ll ever go back to what you were drinking before. And if you live in Nashville… you have at your fingertips the best the world has to offer when it comes to coffee!


Posted by Doppio Boy on 12th Dec 2013

I have been a serious coffee drinker (Barista, coffee taster, etc.etc.) for about 20 years, and regularly sample from 5 different premium micor-roasters. My cup of Safari this morning made me say "WOW"! Accents of peach and berry, deep rich chocolate and cherry undertones with a very mild acidity and velvet smooth finish. I am used to Christian Andre Coffee tasting phenomenal, but this was a whole new experience. Amazing.


Posted by TJ Smith on 27th Sep 2012

I've had all of the high end coffees, Peet's, Intelligentsia, Stumptown, you name it. Safari is hands down the best coffee I've ever had! Hot or Iced, I can't recommend this coffee enough.