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Traditional Dark

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Coffee:  Traditional Dark


Single Origin or Blend: Blend


Origin(s):  Central America & Indonesia


Process:  Wet Process


Roast Profile:  3 Roast Profiles (Med Dark - Dark)


Tasting Notes:  Very Complex,  Caramel, Dark Chocolate,  


Suggested Brewing Methods:  Press & Espresso


Full Description:

A complex dark roast that maintains traditional characteristics of espresso blends, with notes of caramel, nuts and dark chocolate. Comprised of three countries of origin from Indonesia and South America, each roasted individually to create the perfect coffee for those that enjoy a dark roast that is free from bitterness.

Traditional Dark Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Love the monthly automatic reorder!

Posted by LizM on 24th Sep 2017

Hardly anything could make me dread mornings more than knowing I'd run out of this amazing coffee! I love the automatic monthly reorder feature available now. The traditional dark is my favorite, but every roast I've tried is smooth allowing me to actually enjoy the coffee without that biting acidity that comes with so many other dark roasts I've had.


Posted by Sal L on 23rd Sep 2017

Just the smell of the beans is enough to wake me up in the morning. Love the taste. It's the only coffee for me.

Excellent Roaster

Posted by Michael Daidone on 19th Jan 2014

I have had several kinds of coffee from this roaster and all have been over the top awesome!! From Gallery to Safari or Traditional Dark, I've not found a better roasted bean that gives me a more consistent rich espresso shot. That it is why living in the Chicago area I will still order from Christian Andre Coffee...

My "reference" espresso

Posted by Doppio Boy on 12th Dec 2013

I rebuild sell and repair commercial espresso and coffee equipment. Every time A customer complains that their shots are "off" because of temperature, proportion, grind, water flow etc. I measure, test calibrate, and if that doesn't fix the "issue", I pull out a bag of Traditional Dark. So many roasters are trying to idenitfy as Third Wave or Traditional instead of really roasting to PERFECTION. This is what I brew at home (espresso, french press, german coffee) and in the field when called to. Traditional Dark is rich and smooth, berry cherry and chocolate flavors dominate with a crisp but balanced acidity in the finish.

Excellent Coffee!

Posted by Tyler on 12th Nov 2012

This Traditional Dark is one of the best coffees I have ever tasted. Very full bodied yet extremely smooth... a perfect balance. This is a very versatile coffee that works for almost any occasion, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for an extremely flavorful yet smooth blend.